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What is Soch Connect

Introducing Soch Connect: Bridging the Cultural Gap in Therapy
At Soch Connect, we address the critical issue of the South Asian mental health gap with a thoughtful algorithm designed to connect individuals with therapists who understand their mental health needs while valuing their cultural and linguistic identity. We firmly believe that your culture and language are integral to your healing journey.

Understanding the Need: The South Asian Mental Health Gap
This pressing issue stems from South Asians being 85% less likely to access mainstream mental health support compared to Caucasians (CAMH, 2019). The lack of cultural and linguistic representation in mainstream services exacerbates this disparity.

The Power of Therapy in Mental Health
Therapy has proven to be a transformative tool, with 75% of individuals experiencing various benefits (American Psychiatric Association, 2022). However, deep-rooted myths and stigmas surrounding mental health often hinder South Asians from seeking therapy.

The Challenge of Finding the Right Therapist
Deciding to pursue therapy is just the first step. The real challenge lies in finding a therapist who resonates with your cultural and linguistic background. Many South Asians face the daunting task of sifting through numerous directories to find a suitable therapist, often leading to frustration and discontinuation of therapy due to cultural and linguistic mismatches.


Soch Connect emerges as the solution to this challenge. With our tailored algorithm, we connect South Asians to therapists who not only comprehend their mental health needs but also honor their cultural and linguistic identity. Join us at Soch Connect, where your unique background is embraced and celebrated throughout your healing journey.

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Why We Started Soch Connect

The results of therapy are significantly better if you are working with a therapist who understands your culture or language.

With that in mind, we noticed that South Asians are in need of a trusted process to get connected to the right therapist. Typical therapy directories can not only be overwhelming, but disappointing when you are unable to find the right professional to support your needs.

Soch Connect aims to simplify the process of finding a therapist while embracing South Asian culture and language.

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How Soch Connect Came to Light

Jasmeet and Maneet

Jasmeet Chagger (RN, BScN, MSc) and Maneet Chahal-Gill (RN, BScN, MSc) stand as Masters level Registered Nurses and South Asian mental health experts. Their journey unfolded from witnessing their close family members grapple with mental health challenges to identifying significant gaps in the mental health system during their clinical practice, particularly when assisting South Asian clients. This transformative process culminated in comprehensive research on the mental health needs within the South Asian community in Canada, enriching Jasmeet and Maneet’s understanding of the intricate dynamics associated with South Asian mental health.

Driven by passion, these trailblazers co-founded Soch Mental Health, a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultural and linguistic mental health promotion, prevention, and early intervention for South Asians. The organization endeavours to combat stigma and raise awareness by enhancing the mental health literacy of the South Asian community.

In the course of their work with Soch Mental Health, Jasmeet and Maneet identified yet another gap: South Asians lacked a streamlined method for finding therapists, hindering them from connecting with the right mental health professionals.

This realization became the catalyst for the birth of Soch Connect, a platform designed to bridge this crucial gap and facilitate meaningful connections between South Asians and therapists.