How Matching Works for You

Do you want a therapist but don’t know where to start?

Does culture and language matter when it comes to therapy?

Do you know how to find the right therapist?

Are therapy directories overwhelming you with countless, generic results?

Soch Connect uses a well intentioned algorithm to match South Asians to the right therapist by focusing on their culture and language. This algorithm was developed by two South Asian mental health experts who have been supporting South Asian mental health needs since 2012 and have been matching South Asians in need of mental health support to the right therapist.

You begin your journey with Soch Connect by answering a few questions about yourself so we can understand your needs for seeking therapy. The algorithm processes your answers and provides you with your top 3 matches for therapists. You can then begin your healing journey by connecting with one of your matches.

Receive your top 3 results/connections. Get connected to a therapist who understands your culture and speaks your language.

Step 1

Tell Us About You

Answer some questions so we can understand why you are seeking help today.

Step 2

See Your Results

See the top 3 matches based on your unique answers.

Step 3

Time to Connect

Reach out to your matched therapist and begin your healing journey.

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