Soch Connect is a platform that embraces the South Asian culture and language in a clinical setting.

Soch Connect is the place for therapists to get matched with the right clients, support South Asian community members, and allows you to focus your practice on your clinical expertise.

Soch Connect will give you the opportunity to showcase your professional profile and be matched with the right patients, reducing false leads which can often be the case with other directories.

Developed by two Masters level Registered Nurses who are South Asian mental health experts, this website uses a well intentioned algorithm to match therapists with the right clients. Patients begin their journey with Soch Connect by completing a short questionnaire about their mental health needs to help us better understand why they are seeking support. Similarly, when therapists are signing up with Soch Connect, they are asked to complete a similar questionnaire based on their clinical practice. Both questionnaires have been created to complement each other and to ensure the patient’s needs and therapist’s expertise align, resulting in an optimal connection. They have been matching community members from their nonprofit organization to therapists and are now expanding this service to the larger South Asian community.

Member Benefits

Embrace your South Asian culture and language within a clinical mental health setting

We have seen the personal fulfillment in being South Asian and having the opportunity to strengthen the mental well being of our community. There is no greater feeling than being able to use your professional skills to support the personal growth of your community by embracing your South Asian culture in a clinical setting and bringing your culture to the forefront of mental health services.

Opportunity to focus and expand on your clinical expertise

As a therapist, you are likely to have areas of clinical expertise that may be overlooked by other directories, leading to false client leads. Soch Connect will match you with patients in need of your clinical skills and further allow you to strengthen your clinical experience.

Get matched with the right client and access to a wider range of clients

Many therapy directories can lead to poor quality patient leads as individuals may not know how to pick the right therapist. This leads to incomplete follow-ups and a high withdrawal rate from therapy. Soch Connect helps improve the matching of patients with therapists, helping patients get healthy as well as helping you grow your practice.

Member profile with video feature

As mental health nurses supporting South Asians since 2015, we have seen how South Asian clients value connecting with their therapist even before they begin therapy. Starting therapy can be a daunting task and potential patients want to féel a connection with you so they are more likely to initiate and follow through with therapy. Having a video feature to your profile allows for a more human and purposeful connection.

Opportunity to expand your practice within a South Asian nonprofit organization

The creators of Soch Connect have built a powerful South Asian mental health initiative, Soch Mental Health. As a therapist signing up with Soch Connect, you will have the opportunity to engage with the South Asian community through health promotion efforts, which will give you another avenue of expanding your practice through building awareness.