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At Soch Connect, we take your privacy very seriously. We understand that seeking mental health support is a very sensitive matter, thus we have done our due diligence in ensuring your privacy is secured.

Our privacy policy pertains to information you provide as a user to get matched to a therapist through our website. It does not apply to the user and the therapist they choose to work with. The user is encouraged to confirm the therapist’s privacy and confidentiality policies and how they collect and use your personal information. 

Our website requests general information about your mental health concerns to match you to a therapist. Our matching process refrains from collecting personal identifying information and uses your general responses to match you with a therapist. You may be asked to share your age range, racial or ethnic background, your preferred gender, age range and faith for a therapist and your preferred cost of therapy. By providing this information to us through our matching questionnaire, you agree to processing your information for the purpose of matching you with a therapist. We are not responsible for the information that you share with us through the matching questionnaire. We will request the user’s permission to process this information at the end of the questionnaire by having the user tick a box requesting they agree to proceed with the matching. 

Our site does not collect nor has the ability to release your contact information to any therapist. The user has the control over which therapist they decide to contact. The user is able to forfeit the matching process at any given point before completing the matching questionnaire. Our site will store the general responses to the matching questionnaire and keep that and use it securely for as long as we need it. We have tried our best to ensure that the online questionnaire and forms the community uses to communicate with us are safe and secure. However, no information sent over the internet is completely safe and any email correspondence sent to us by the user is done at their own risk. Although we do our best to protect your privacy we cannot guarantee the security of information you provide by using our website. 

Soch Connect will use analytic services to track and report on the use of our website. This information is anonymous but will support us in better understanding how the website is meeting the community’s needs and where there may be areas of improvement. By visiting our site you are agreeing to partake in our website’s analytical process. 


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